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Hans' Introduction

My name is Hans Polcheck, and I’m a P.I. My beat? The mean streets of Sydney, a town where anything can happen. Where criminals prey on the weak minded. Where evil lurks around every corner like a perverted old man looking at schoolgirls. It’s a town that cried out for help, and I was only to willing to answer it.

These are The Polcheck Chronicles. Those who are faint of heart, or weak of stomach had best look away. I hate vomit on my shoes.

But if you can stomach raw danger…
If you can keep your knees from rattling in fear…
If you can handle the excitement of running with the best P.I. in Sydney

Then I bid you welcome….

- Hans Polcheck

About the Polcheck Chronicles

The Polcheck Chronicles is a net series experiment. The idea was for us to create a series of shorts that could be downloaded relatively easily, and with as high a production value as we could, gradually learning and improving with each successive episode. We decided early on that we would have a few rules, some of which are internal and I won't mention because they deal with the overall plot. But the most important one is this:

NO SCRIPTS! We Plot everything, and from there we Improvise!

A challenge to be sure, but one which we have embraced and which serves us well. When you watch an episode, remember that the dialogue was made up on the spot. We usually only do 10 takes at the outside, and more often a lot less. Most of the films are shot over the course of a single weekend, and the few exceptions are largely for pickups.
As we improve in the series we hope to make the episodes look and sound better. Better sound and lighting are on our core list of things to learn more about and improve on, and with each 2 parter we learn and add more to the look of the series.

We thank those of you who have helped with the series. The core team that surrounds us is invaluable to making the series as successful as it is. At the time of this writing, we have only got 3 episodes online, and the downloads of each stun us whenever we hear the numbers. Much of the reason we can make the series, because of the selfless help from our team. This includes emotional, financial, interest and time assistance, and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

One last thing; the series is supposed to be fun. We make these because we laugh ourselves silly doing them. We hope you like them, and we welcome comments, both positive and negative, because any comment means that you have been moved to take some time after watching. For us, seeing what people think is part of the fun. We have a forum you can join, or our emails are listed in the 'contact us' section. Please, take the time to say a word or two. As long as you guys keep laughing, we'll keep making them. :)

Have a good time all, and welcome again to The Polcheck Chronicles.

-Craig Moore and Pat Feary


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